Loading Unloading System for Laminates

We have developed Material Handling System for Lamination Sheet, Plywood and Particle Boards Manufacturing unit. From Calcutta to Morbi and from Yamunanagar to Coimbatore about 160 nos. Material Handling Systems & Vacuum Lift-Hoist are working satisfactorily all over India. Some of our customers like Sundek India Ltd., Milton Laminates Pvt. Ltd., Rushil Group of Companies, Touch Laminates, G.V.K Novopan Ltd. are using our more than couple of systems since establishment of their unit

Instead of going for complicated design we have developed handling systems with wide range of engineering and operational advantages to the users along with the longer trouble free operational life. Easy to maintain, lower maintenance cost, rouged construction with safety measures are the features of our product.

The Auto and manual cycles of the system are divided in sections so as to operate the system with minimum down time during continuous operation. For certain interlocks disturbing the system in fully automatic mode the system can be operated with that particular section to be operated manually and the remaining works on in auto mode. The automation logic of the system is easy to understand and is susceptible to minimum disturbances while operation.

Our Installed system

Standard Loading Unloading System for Laminates Sheet

Consisting of Twin Cage, Puller-Pusher, Lift Elevator, Forming Table, Break Down & Assembly Table, Hydraulic Power pack & P.L.C. operated or push button operated panel board. Complete Hydro-electro-mechanical system.

Standard Loading-Unloading System for Plywood

Consisting of Twin Cages, Puller-Pusher, assembly tables, marry-go-round conveyors, vacuum-lift hoist with power pack and panel board.

Semi-Automatic Loading Unloading System

Consisting of Scissor-lift with electro mechanical conveyor and assembly tables
Twin Cage
Having Shelves to hold cured & uncured Stack. Cage shelves are in matching geometry of press daylights. Mechanical travel on tracks which give smooth travel and perfect stationing.

Puller Pusher

Hydraulically operated. Puller-Pusher simultaneously push-in and push-out stacks in between Hydraulic Press & Cage.

Lift Elevator

Vertical hydraulic travel at speed 3 mtr/m. Furnished with two electro-mechanical conveyor and roller slides to transfer the forming stack from the cage to forming table. Another one to transfer stack from forming table to the cage

Break Down Table

Furnished with rubberized twin chain conveyor to take over the cured stacks from the Lift Elevator.

Assembly Table

Furnished with rubberized twin chain conveyor to transfer uncured of stack from the table to the lift elevator.

Standard Vacuum Lift-Hoist

To transfer S.S. plates & Caul Plates between Break down, Assembly & Rest Tables.

More than 150 systems installed all over India. Some of our Customers are :

  • Sundek India Ltd., Chhatral, Gujarat.
  • Rushil Décor Ltd., Mansa, Gujarat.
  • Virgo Industries, Kala Amb, Himachal.
  • B.P Plywood, Calcutta.
  • Lahri Laminates, Raipur.
  • Bharat Board Industries, Hyderabad.
  • Tantia Industries, Bangalore.
  • Airolam Laminates, Himmatnagar, Gujarat.
  • Bell Laminates, Morbi.
  • Signature Laminates, Bareja, Gujarat.
  • Globe Plywood, Yamunanagar.
  • Wonder Laminates Calcutta.
  • Jogma Laminates, Nagur
  • Leo Laminates , Hyderabad.
  • Rajshree Laminates, Coimbtore.
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